Monday, March 2, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We made it back from grandma's house (That's Landon's suitcase in the picture above. Isn't it cute?) We thought we were going to get snowed in. The snow was so beautiful it has been forever since it snowed that much in Alabama. It snowed more here at home than it did at grandma's house though. It was a very nice relaxing weekend, I wished it had lasted longer. We did not get Landon out in the snow but I did go out and write his name in the snow on the porch here's a picture.

I just now realized that I didn't get any of him and his grandma. So here is a picture of them a few months ago.
Here are some other pictures I took of Landon over the weekend.

Now that I am done with all of my pictures of Landon. I have a website for everyone. It is They are clay crosses, I purchased one for my sister for Christmas. Be sure to read the story behind the cross. All crosses are $16.95 and make wonderful gifts.

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