Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Outfits & Reality TV

Dustin and me went shopping last night, for our outfits that we are going to wear on Saturday. We are getting family pictures made. We got Landon some very cute Calvin Klein brown and blue onesies. Here are pictures of our outfits. I'm not sure what shoes to wear though. Any suggestions?

My outfit

Dustin's Outfit

After shopping we came home and watched TV together which we rarely get to do.I realized that love Reality TV. I don't know why, but I love it. Last night we watched America's Best Dance Crew and the Bachelor. I don't normally watch the Bachelor but I knew that last nights show was going to be interesting so we watched it. I can not believe that Jason did that to Melissa on live television. He could have at least talked to her in private. I felt so sorry for her. Since I am on the subject of reality TV here are my top 3 reality TV shows: American Idol, Big Brother, and Jon & Kate plus 8. What are your favorites?

American Idol is a big-to-do at house. We used to get together at Dustin's moms for our "AI Parties" but we haven't done that this season since Landon is here and it to late for him to stay out. I love AI but I haven't really got into it this year. It's a lot different. Tonight is the last group of twelve to sing, one of my favorites so far is singing tonight Kristen McNamara. She was on season 4 of Nashville Star. I hope she makes it through. I guess we will find out tomorrow night.

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Jen said...

I know you wrote this post earlier this month but I had to comment because I have a HUGE love for BIG BROTHER!! Seriously I am kind of embarrassed to admit it, I LOVE it that much! I am can't wait for Summer!! If you want to see just how BB crazy I am go back in my archives to this Summer!! It's pretty sad!!