Wednesday, March 4, 2009

RSV Stinks!

Last night Landon started coughing and his nose was congested and runny. I think he may have RSV again. He just had it in January. My Poor Baby. My brother-in-law "the anasteseologist" listen to him breath with his stethoscope and said that he didn't hear any wheezing, which is good. If the weather would stay constant and not be 60 and sunny one day and then 20 and snowing the next, he might could stay well. I guess that means no pictures on Saturday. I don't want him around a lot of people. I don't know when we will get our pictures done now. He may be a year old before we get family pictures done.

My Little Man

I am trying to get him an appointment at his doctor this afternoon, but they are taking forever

We had a big weekend planned because it's supposed to be 70 here. We were going to get our pictures done Saturday morning. Then Dustin's cousin Chase is playing in a baseball game about 30 minutes from us, so we were going to take Landon to watch him. And on Sunday afternoon I was going to take him to the zoo. Looks like we will be staying home all weekend.

On a happier note, A lady in my office bought the Bump Its and she did not need her mini bump its so she gave them to me.

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