Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Birthday Week...Day 2

Here is Day 2's List 21-40

21. I love taking pictures.
22. I love steak.
23. I want to go to Australia.
24. I would love to be a graphic designer.
25. My favorite animal is a Kangaroo.
26. My favorite place to shop is Gap.
27. I could wear a dress everyday.
28. I really miss high school.
29. I am addicted to facebook.
30. I want to have one more child.
31. I want to go to Broadway.
32. I want a Lexus.
33. I don't like cake (well I don't like icing).
34. I live in the south and I hate Sweet Tea.
35. My favorite NFL team is the Dallas Cowboys.
36. I just found out that I have scoliosis.
37. I love to read.
38. I wish my hair was longer.
39. I do not leave the house without makeup on.
40. I love country music.

Thanks to everyone who voted for Landon yesterday. He is currently in third place. If you did not vote for him yesterday you can click the link below. He is in Week 1, Gallery 6, Picture 8. Voting ends Sunday so go vote.
Here's the link http://www.1037theq.com/pages/babiesgonewild.html.


Heather @ Sugar N Spice Mostly Nice said...

Thanks for stopping by yesterday! I can't believe how addicting facebook is. It's a little depressing how easily you can get sucked in!

Your son is so cute!

The Blonde Duck said...

Popped in from SITS to say hi! I LOVE dresses and steak too! So addicting...

Mrs. W said...

This is my birthday week as well, mine is Friday! What a fun idea with the 'facts about me'.. I dont like cake icing either! haha!

Annie said...

Happy Birthday Week!! We have a LOT in common!

-I also love taking pictures.
-I could wear a dress everyday....and usually do when the weather permits (which isnt ALL THAT often in Michigan)
-I am addicted to facebook....just can't get enough. Must be my nosey side sneeking out :)
I have scoliosis....I found out in high school...it hasnt really changed since then, thank goodness!

Angela said...

What? You hate sweet tea?? This could be the end of our friendship B! Ha ha, just kidding! I relate to a lot of your facts - I love dresses, country music and steak! :)

Kim said...

Just voted! And I am addicted to facebook too! It's ridiculous how many times a day I check it. Plus I love taking pictures, country music, and want at least one more kiddo too! Happy Birthday Week!