Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter 2009

Easter 2009
Landon and his new cousin Ethan

Landon on Easter Morning

Landon had a good 1st Easter. He did have a Easter basket but it was not filled with things. He hunted eggs with Dody and even picked them up himself ( his basket had eggs, sticks, and leaves in it). He even started "almost" crawling on Easter day. He thought it was so funny for some reason. I didn't get to many pictures because my camera battery was dead and I left my charger at home (Bad Mama).

I found a new website that I absolutely love, it is what I made my header with. I will probably be making another one this week. I was just playing around with it yesterday and came up with that one. A lot of you may have heard of it or used it before but is called Scrapblog.

And about the giveaway I mentioned yesterday. I am still debating between either my 50th post or 100 followers. Let me know what you think.


Miss Gina Designs said...

Adorable pics! Sounds like a fun Easter!

The Schumachers said...

My camera batteries always go dead at the worst times! Your little boy is very sweet!

Lea Liz said...

Hey! I just saw where you were a follower on my blog, and couldnt remember if I had been to yours or not..lol but I love it and your little guy is sooooooo cute!!!!