Thursday, April 2, 2009


I need some ihelp. I just got my new computer and I need to know how to transfer my itunes library from my old computer to the new one. If anybody know how to do this please let me know. I have sold my old computer and need to get my itunes transferred asap.

Sunday night we are starting Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace. I am excited to start this. It should be very beneficial for our family.

I don't have very much to blog about this week it has been kind of boring. All we have been doing is packing, unpacking, sleeping, eating, and working. So since I don't have much to talk about how about you ask me some questions and I will answer them on here tomorrow. Anything you want to know, Just ask.

PS: Go check out this giveaway at Family Traditions One Story at a Times blog. She is giving away a blog makeover. I desperately need to win this.


Mika said...

If you have a flash drive, you should be able to put all of the songs on to it, and then put them on to your new computer from the flash drive??

Tara said...

I hear Dave's program is awesome! i have the book...he's amazing!

And thanks for spreading the news about the blog makeover! you rock! ♥