Friday, May 1, 2009

Birthday Week....Day 5

It's Friday! I am off work! I got my wireless interent hooked up! and It's almost my Birthday! It's a good day for me! Here is the last par of my list. 81-100.

81. I love sunny weather.
82. I love Brad Paisley.
83. I hate vacumming.
84. I love to paint.
85. I love swimming.
86. I have always wanted to take dancing lessons.
87. I went to a community college.
88. I miss my friends from high school.
89. My birth stone is emerald and I love it.
90. My favorite piece of furniture I have is my bed.
91. I want to go to Rhode Island.
92. I hate spiders and snakes.
93. I love being a mom
94. I love to be barefoot.
95. I like to cook.
96. I love taking walks.
97. I have never been to disneyland/disneyworld.
98. I went to my first aquarium when I was 21.
99. I love jewerly.
100. I love all of my blogger buddies.

Dont' forget to vote for Landon. Voting ends Sunday you can click the link under his picture to vote. Thanks.


Pink Maple said...

Best wishes for a happy birthday!

p.s. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Sabrina said...

92. is SOOOO me. Those are both my greatest fears. Like I get sick to my stomach at the though of them.

Rebecca Louise. said...

I love Brad Paisley's music. I just find it so original but heartwarming! :) I heart Jewellery!

Have a great birthday!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday!!

Kat said...

Hope you have a great birthday! I love Brad Paisley too, it's just so much fun.

Angela said...

Hi Brandi! Happy late birthday! I'm so sorry I missed the actual day, but my weekend was crazy! I loved learning more about you and I hope you had a fabulous special day!!! xoxo