Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Feel So Old

Today my nephew is graduating from high school. I can not believe it. Granted I was only five when he was born, it makes me feel old. I am so proud of him though, He has gotten a Naval ROTC scholarship from Auburn (boo!). He will be very successful one day. I am very honored to be his Aunt. I love you Aaron.

This a very old picture of us but it is all I had on this computer.

On the subject of school, I have really been thinking about going back to school. When I first started college I was going to be a Paralegal. I have no clue why I changed but I am thinking I may go back and try it again. I would only have a few semesters. Who knows though I tell myself I am going to do things and then I talk myself right out of them.

On a side note everyone may already know about this website but I have just recently discovered it and it is hilarious. It's Some of the stuff on there I could really do without but some of it is so funny.

PS: I am less than 20 post away from 100 and only 30 more followers till 100. Woo Hoo! I am so excited


Jessica said...

Well no fear Brani-You are not old! :D I know what you mean though. My little cousin turned 8 this year and it just blew my mind to remember holding him in the hospital the day he was born like it was yesterday!

Brandi said...

About to check out that website. :D Congrats to your nephew (and you are faaaar from old!). :p

I still can't believe I quit college after a semester and became a flight attendant. I realize now I'll go back, but I'm glad I did I FINALLY know what I want to be when I grow up (Teacher).

Woohooo for 100 posts! Even better for 100 followers! Wooop!!!

I have been blogging for five years on the blog I have now (originally started on AOL Journals). It's my baby, we just hit 1000 posts, and 100 followers that same day. I think we love our blogs so much because they truly are a little chunk of us.

: )


Alicia W. said...

Shut your face! You are sooo not old.. If you are old then I'm freakin ancient okay, lol. Congrats on your nephews accomplishment.

I'm about to hit my 400th post and I'm really thinking of doing a giveaway!! Wish someone would sponser it but oh well.. I'll come up with something.

YAY for almost hitting 100 followers - It took me for freakin ever but it felt good when I did it. You'll get there in no time. :o)

Have a great day babe.

Rebecca Louise. said...

Congratualtions for your him though! You must be so proud! xo.

Ali said...

Congrats to your nephew!

Cassie said...

War Eagle :) Congrats to him. And I LOVE that site Texts From Last Night. My husband and I get a crack out of reading them out loud to each other!

Molly said...

You are not old! You just have an old sibling! :) My parents had 2 more kids when I was 14, so I feel really old compared to them!

♥Aubrey said...

You're not old...silly silly :)
I do think it's amazing how life passes us by. Seems as if just yesterday i was climbing trees and chasing boys on the playground.