Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday. This blog carnival was created by Mckmama.

I am NOT so happy that Stellan (Mckmama's little Mckmuffin) is finally home.

This weekend was NOT great. I did NOT go shopping on Saturday and find lots of great things. I did NOT get Betsey Johnson sunglasses and perfume for my birthday. I did NOT eat Japanese on Saturday night. I did NOT have two pieces of ice cream cake yesterday. I did NOT eat junk food all weekend long. I do NOT need to go to the gym and start a diet.

I did NOT have a wonderful birthday!

I am NOT happy that my sister got back from Cozumel on Saturday. She did NOT make Landon the cutest maracas with his name on them.

Landon is NOT crawling everywhere and getting into everything. I do NOT have the cutest and sweetest boy in the entire world.


Aileigh said...

He IS adorable! Happy Belated Birthday! (Mine is Wednesday!) Yay for Tarus's! :)

Following Him said...

Happy Belated Birthday :) Landon is just too precious! Love your NMMs!

Alicia in a house full of Bees said...

Hey Brandi! Thanks so much for stopping by. I'm glad you did because I'm now a follower of your fabulous blog. :o) Looks like we have a ton in common and were going to be great blogging friends. Have a great day and your family is SOOOO Beautiful!

Bee and Rose said...

Landon is adorable!

Happy Belated Birthday! I just bought a pair of Betsey Johnson sunglasses on Saturday! lol!

Thanks for checking out my blog cause now you're stuck with me:)

Pink Maple said...

"Not Me" Monday is such a fun idea!

Sarah said...

You certainly do have the cutest little guy!