Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me! Monday..Weekend Update

Not Me! Monday is the blog carnival created by Mckmama.

This weekend we were NOT on the go non stop. I did NOT get a very cute pair of shorts at Old Navy on Saturday. I do NOT want to go back and get a couple more pairs in different colors. We did NOT go to a graduation party on Saturday night. There were NOT some Tipsy people making me laugh until I could not breathe.(If Worst Comes to First(LOL)) They did NOT have so much food there. I did NOT eat so much I couldn't move. Landon did NOT cry almost all the way there and almost all the way home. It was NOT raining so bad on the way home I thought we were going to have to pull over. I did NOT and still do NOT have a stye on my eye. It does NOT hurt so bad and does NOT look awful. I am NOT about to make a doctors appointment.

Yesterday was NOT my very first Mother's Day. Dustin did NOT get me a very cute card and He did NOT let me order another photo tile necklace. We did NOT make a 2 hour drive to his grandmothers and back yesterday. His whole family was NOT there and we did NOT have a very good lunch. Again, Landon did NOT cry almost all the way there and all the way home. We did NOT get Landon his first sippy cup yesterday. He also did NOT try some Gerber banana puffs that melt in his mouth. He did NOT love them.

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Julie said...

Love your "not me's." My kids seem to make the crazy things I do better too.