Friday, June 12, 2009

Fabulous Friday

Today I am shaking things up a bit and going to do a Fabulous Friday brought to you by Danielle at Well, That's Just Fabulous (PS she is awesome). The theme of today's Fabulous Friday is

She wants to know your favorite healthy {and not so healthy} summer treats. So here are mine.

Watermelon my absolute favorite.

Dippin Dots another summertime must have.

I am so with Danielle on this one I love me some frozen grapes.(And that stick idea is pretty awesome)

Last but not least Peach Ice Cream. Can you say yummy.


Jordan said...

I haven't had Dippin Dots in so long! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

Lins said...

Mercy sakes alive...Dippin' Dots. Now you've done it, Brandi. Must. Find. Dots! :)

Happy Friday (finally!)

Lindsey said...

Yummy! I love Dippin Dots! Cute blog by the way!

P.S. - I did not steal your picture of watermelon for my blog. I did a search on the internet for pictures of watermelon although I will admit I didn't look at the source for the picture!!!

Cadance said...

never had Dippin Dots...I've seen them but never tried them!

I ♥ peach ice cream! & watermelon!


Frozen grapes and watermelon thats summer. Holy Cow! Hahaha Leaving some Friday bloggy love from SITS

Danielle said...

Ohhhhhh dippin dots are SOOOO good. Yum. I'm glad I'm not the only one that loves frozen grapes! :)

Thanks so much for playing along and for the sweet comments about my blog (and me). I'm definitely going to check in with you again!

Have a fabulous friday (and weekend!)


Megan @ Hold it Up to the Light said...

Delish! My kids are obsessed with Dippin' Dots, and I don't mind them cause they are less messy than traditional ice cream. Fun!

Just checking out your blog, but know it has to be good....

Roll Tide!

Molly said...

Love the list. I have never had Dippin' Dots before! I guess I shoulg give them a shot!

Jill said...

I love, love, love watermelon - had some last night!

Rachel said...

Yum! That all looks so good! Have you ever had frozen bananas?

Jules said...

Your blog is so cute! Thanks for following mine too :)

I absolutely love Dippin Dots in the summer! I have to have them whenever I go to the shore and banana split is my fav.