Monday, June 8, 2009

Friend Makin Monday

Happy Monday Everyone! I Hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was good just really busy. It is time for Friend Makin Monday brought to you by Kasey @All That Is Good. This weeks task is to name
10 Things That You Love About Summer.

  1. Swimming: This is my most favorite thing about the summertime I love to swim and I could swim all day long.(I just bought the cutest Juicy Couture bathing suit this weekend)
  2. Vacations: I love to travel and go on family vactions during the summertime.
  3. Watermelon: My all time favorite summertime dessert.
  4. BBQ's: I love to have summertime BBQ's hot dogs, hamburgers, ribs and lots more.
  5. The long days: The days are so much longer and I can get so much more done.
  6. Summertime TV: My favorite show Big Brother.
  7. Flip Flops: My summertime shoe.
  8. Camping: In a tent.
  9. The smell of fresh cut grass: I love it.
  10. My sister is off work so Landon does not have to go to daycare and we do not have to make that payment everyweek.


Renee said...

Oh, I also love the smell of freshly cut grass. I also love tent camping! We have been rained out twice this year already but we hope to go tent camping soon.

Emily said...

Great list! I don't watch Big Brother, but I am a big fan of Summer TV! I'm doing the Bachelorette now!

Tina said...


Great list and I LOVE Big Brother....I even do the live feed and watch them...I know kinda weird but it is really interesting sometimes. LOL

Happy FMM!

Lins said...

Another tent camper!? My kind of woman! :)

Thanks for the comment over on my blog! Happy FMM!

Brandi said...

Lol I was going to write all the ones I agree with (especially tent camping) but I like em all! :D

Cadance said...

I'm SO with you on #1 & 2 ....Not at all with you on #8!!!! Not my kind of FUN! I ♥ me some Summer Beach time!!!!!

Annie said...

yay for BIG BROTHER....I cannot WAIT :))

Kat said...

I love swimming, flip flops, and not having to work either since I'm a teacher. Is that what your sister does too?

Cassie said...

Flip flops are probably the best part of warm weather. i would wear them all year if it were warm enough!

Alicia W. said...

Dern we have more and more in common everytime you do one of these! BIG BROTHER is one of my absolute FAVORITE shows.. Do you have the spoiler website and live feeds for free? If not, let me know and I'll be glad to email it to you. :o)


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