Thursday, June 11, 2009

Only Alabama

After a recent e-mail about the south I decided that I would share some of my favorite things about Alabama. These are some of my favorite things about this great state I live in.

Alabama Football! Roll Tide Roll!

Gulf Shores, Alabama

Alabama Adventure


The Vulcan

Lambert's Cafe (I know they have other locations besides AL but I love it)

Here are some of the Southern-ism that was in the e-mail. If you live anywhere in the South you will probably know some of these and maybe even some of you who don't live in the South

Only a Southerner knows the difference between a hissie fit and a conniption fit, and that you don't "HAVE" them, you "PITCH" them.

Only a Southerner knows how many fish, collard greens, turnip greens, peas, beans, etc., make up "a mess."

Only a Southerner can show or point out to you the general direction of "yonder."

Only a Southerner knows exactly how long "directly" is, as in: "Going to town, be back directly."

Only a Southerner knows instinctively that the best gesture of solace for a neighbor who's got trouble is a plate of hot fried chicken and a big bowl of cold potato salad. If the neighbor's trouble is a real crisis, they also know to add a large banana puddin!

Only Southerners grow up knowing the difference between "right near" and "a right far piece." They also know that "just down the road" can be 1 mile or 20

Only a Southerner, both knows and understands, the difference between a redneck, a good ol' boy, and po' white trash.

No true Southerner would ever assume that the car with the flashing turn signal is actually going to make a turn.

A Southerner knows that "fixin" can be used as a noun, a verb, or an adverb.

Only Southerners make friends while standing in lines, ... and when we're "in line,"... we talk to everybody!

Put 100 Southerners in a room and half of them will discover they're related, even if only by marriage.

In the South, y'all is singular, all y'all is plural.

Southerners know grits come from corn and how to eat them.

And a true Southerner knows you don't scream obscenities at little old ladies who drive 30 MPH on the freeway. You just say,"Bless her heart" ... and go your own way.

Where do you all y'all live? What do you like most about your state?


Wade's World said...

Amen to Gulf Shores, Milo's and Lamberts, but WARRRR Eagle!!

Mika said...

oooh, we are going to Gulf Shores the first week of August. Can't wait! Also, we have a Lamberts 15 min from my home town! Too much food!! :)

I live in Missouri, and I love the STL Cardinals. I love Mizzou Tigers. I hate the misquotes. :)

Lins said...

I'm no Southern girl (although sometimes I wish I were!) but I can relate to a few of these. Nothing like some down home-isms to make you smile! :)

Anonymous said...

Here in PA it's all about Penn State football. I love game days and tailgating. I also love that I get to experience a bit of all the seasons of the years. Although, sometimes I think winter is a bit too long.
A northern-ism:

Redd: as in "You need to redd uo your room."

Rebecca Louise. said...

I'd love to be in that sunset picture! x

Alicia W. said...

YUM! Milo's looks great!

Molly said...

I love the gulf! I used to live on Perdido Key. Great place to grow up. I love Lamberts! Only problem is I am terrified of flying objects and frequently had a greasy stain on my shirt after letting the roll just hit me. Ha! I have lived in GA, AL, FL, NY and now CA and there are pros and cons to them all. I love the weather here, but there is nothing like southern food and accents!

Konnie said...

I live South Mississippi! We Love the home of the throwed rolls{gotta Love Lambert's}.
I love the weather. There are not many places to live that you can take your kids to the beach 8 months out of the year.

Dorkys Ramos said...

Thanks for the Southern lesson! That sunset picture is gorgeous. Visiting from SITS!

Cadance said...

What a cute post! I love me some grits...but I probably eat them all wrong! I put brown sugar on them! I do like them w/ butter too!

I live on Long Island, NY...I LOVE the beach!

....I lived for the last 9 years in Las Vegas so I call that "home" I ♥ everything about Vegas...well except maybe the tourist...LOL...but then Vegas just would be Vegas without them!!! =)

hope you're having a great week!

Isabel Princes said...

I have never been to the South, but it sounds like I would be very confused if I went. Cute idea for a post!
Visiting from SITS

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

I'm not a southern girl, myself, but I know here in the Pacific Northwest, you can't bet on someone turning when their turn signal is on either! :) Love this post, I always dreamed of being a southern gal! :)