Monday, July 6, 2009

Weekend Recap!

On Friday we went HERE and spent most of the day.

It was so much fun. I am ready to go back. Landon loved it. Here is a few pictures of him there. I didn't want to get my camera wet so I didn't take to many of him in the water.

He loved this jumpy but didn't like sun in his eyes.

This is what he did as soon as we got in the car. He was so tired. As soon as we got home we packed our bags and headed to Chattanooga to visit Dustin's cousin that has just moved there. It was late when we got there on Friday night so we did not do anything then. On Saturday we went sightseeing and shopping. Then our Saturday night we went to watch fireworks and at park. There were so many people there. Landon stayed back with Dustin's mom and Grandmother though. It was a little late for him. Here are some pictures from Saturday night.
Dustin's Aunt and Me.
People getting ready for the fireworks.

Look at all the people.

Dustin and Me right before the fireworks started.

Here is a picture of Landon in his red, white, and blue.
Then on Sunday before we went home we ate at The Blue Plate it was Yummy! I had pancakes and hash browns. Then we went to the Farmers Market but didn't buy and thing.

Here is a video of the Big Finale of the Fireworks!

I had a wonderful 4th and I hope you did too!!


The Royal Family said...

Hi, looks like a fun weekend!~ stopping in from sits!
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Miss Sweet Tea said...

What a fun weekend!! I love all the pictures!

Brandi said...

Oh, been there! That is a fun place! My MIL lives in T'town and my SIL lives in McCalla! I live in FL now, but I went to school at Shelton and then moved to B'ham after school. Whew, that about covers it! Great pics!