Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cherry Hill Designs Review

First of all I want to say a big thanks to Angie and Cherry Hill Designs for giving me the opportunity to review her awesome labels. Angie send me some of her tiny pacifier waterproof labels and some of the mini circular waterproof labels.

Landon started daycare a few weeks ago (and is now finally liking it, but that's another story). So this was the perfect opportunity to review these labels. As soon as I got them in the mail I started labeling up everything that he takes to daycare. All of his bottles, sippy cups, wipes case, his puffs, medicine bag everything is labeled. I have been super pleased with this product in the week that we have had them. I have washed his bottles around 5o times and at daycare they warm them up in a crock pot and these labels haven't budged. They still look as good as when I originally put them on.

Now Landon does not suck a paci but these tiny pacifier labels can be put on anything. I put them on his bottles because they matched them perfectly. But I also put them on his puffs and wipes case. But they can be used for anything. I did put one of them on a paci that he likes to play with and it was a perfect fit.

I used the mini circle labels for sippy cups and they look great! Cherry Hill Designs offers lots of other things besides these labels. They have paper labels, New iron on labels, bag tags, stationary and even baby gear. If you are in the market for any of these items and even if you not you should go check out Cherry Hill Designs. Angie also has a blog, twitter, and facebook. Go check her stuff out I promise you won't be sorry. And right now (Unitl August 16) you can get free shipping for purchases $30 or more. So hurry up.

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