Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dear AT&T: I Hate You.

Yes Hate is a very strong word but right now I hate them.

They have the worst customer service EVER. I should not get hung up on 8 out of the 10 times that I call them. And you should be able to tell me what a bill is for Right? I think that sounds simple enough.

To make a long story short. We changed our plan from combined to just wireless. We got two bills in one month. We paid one of them, the other we were told by several customer services reps and reps at the wireless stores "Don't pay the second bill, We don't know what it is for". How crazy no one could ever tell us what that second bill was for. We tried numerous times to find out about it. The next few months the bills never showed that we still owed that second amount. So yesterday I got a lovely letter in the mail stating that the bill had been turned over to a collections agency. I was fuming. I called AT&T and of course got hung up on, got transferred from person to person with no clue I was even being transferred, and talked to hands down the most rudest customer service rep ever. Here is my conversation with her (and by this point I was highly pissed because I had been hung up on and transferred a few times too many).

Me: Can you please tell me what the said charges are for?

Rude Rep: Ummm. It looks like they are for a few different things.

Me: Ok. Like what?

Rude Rep: Just a couple of different things on your bill. It really is up to us anymore it has already been turned over to collections. You should call them and just pay it. You owe it and need to pay your bill.

Me: Ok.. Can you please transfer me to someone who can cancel my wireless service.

Rude Rep: Yes but you do know that you will have a $170 cancellation fee. Don't You? (The way she said this made we what to go through the phone and slap her)

Me: (in my own rude voice) Yes Ma'am.

So already today I have filled out a complaint with the BBB and I am trying to find a address or e-mail so I can send AT&T a letter. Please take my advice. If you are thinking about switching to AT&T Don't! Worst mistake I have ever made. All because my wonderful husband wanted a iPhone.


Jennifer said...

My husband has AT&T too for his cell. We have them for internet, because thats basically all that is available here in Memphis. I don't like them.

I have Alltel (aka Verizon). Love them...well I loved Alltel. I'm still on my parents family plan and was wanting to get my own and add Nate when his contract is up (cancellation fee!! Holy Crap!!) I looked recently and the plans are a lot more expensive now that it is Verizon. :(

AT&T did try to charge us $150 fee to get our internet hooked up at home when they said on the phone that it would cost nothing. Managed to get it taken off but it was a HUGE hassel. Went something like your experience did.

Alicia W. said...

Ugh! What a pain!! I switched from AT&T to Verizon just for that reason alone (Horrible customer service). I really hope you burn their ass on this one. It's not fair what they have put you guys through. Good luck.

Emily said...

yeah, I've heard their customer service bites. What a pain.

Katie said...

their CS can suck...but we've been with them for 9 years, so they tend to treat us pretty good---I just threaten (often, haha) to go with verizon and they keep me happy ;)

Rachel said...

Yuck - I hate moments like that! It's when big corporate America isn't such a great thing after all..

Molly said...

Hate is the perfect word to use for ATT. I just got a blackberry to avoid this exact problem. The only thing is that they won the bid on our neighborhood and that is the only cable and internet we can get. Lovely, right? We are stuck with them as long as we live there.
Good luck!

~~Mel~~ said...

Ugh! So annoying!

Grissell said...

Oh no! We have at&T for internet and cable...oh brother just great! I hope I don't have to go through thislik eyou did cuz i will slap them ROFL

deyoder said...

AT&T, the bane of my existance! After 6 years of terribly crappy service...we just got rid of them! They make me insane! GOOD RIDDENS! And I hope that your letters help!