Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Men In Brown Are Coming

So over the weekend we went to Dustin's grandmothers house. It was my last weekend before school starts. It was a pretty relaxing weekend we did a whole lot of nothing really. I did get to go to a kids consignment shop (Ditto's for Kiddo's) while we were up there (and I really would like to go back next Saturday for there 1/2 off sale). I bought Lan lots of new winter clothes. I also got him this Vtech sit to stand dance tower. He loves it.

Today they are supposed to deliver Landon's new car seat. I have ordered him a Britax Marathon in Crocodile print. I can't wait. I hope that The Men in Brown(UPS) will leave it at our house but then again I hope it doesn't rain on it. Also, today after work I have to go up to school and buy my books I have to spend over $300 on one textbook and a lab manual. Why do these textbooks have to be so expensive? Then after that Dustin, Landon, and me are going to eat supper with my sister and niece. Hot Wings. YumO. And then after that it is home to watch Big Brother. It should be a great one tonight. I am so glad Chima is gone!!


BeautifulWreck said...

I love my UPS man. He has been working this route for ten years.

I bet the crocodile print is really cute.

Emily said...

OH i bet the crocodile print is adorable!

Mary said...

Hi from one southern gal to another! Popping over from SITS roll call.

What a cutie Landon is, and what a great name for a consignment shop - Dittos! Love that!!

I love my UPS guy. I get a lot of things off of Amazon because with a prime membership they are cheapest, and when it's raining (which it seems to be doing non-stop here on the Mississippi coast here lately - it's making me crazy!) he always wraps my deliveries in a plastic bag even though I do have a small entry porch. He's the best!!

Have a great week!!

Kristen said...

$300 for one book? Is there anyway you can buy it off of half.com for cheaper and just buy the lab manual by itself? That is ridiculous they can charge so much for one book! I am kind of worried to see how much my books cost this year!

Molly said...

I love the UPS man! He just brought me a portable DVD player...LIFE SAVER!
I spent tons on books in nursing school. It is crazy expensive, and I have no idea why. So wierd.

Annie said...

I agree....Buh-Bye Chima! I am SO over her :)
Landon is TOO cute!

~~Mel~~ said...

I can't wait for Big Brother tonight! Woot Woot!

Landon sure is a cutie.