Monday, August 17, 2009

Roll Tide!!!

So in less than 20 days (if I can get out of class) I will be here:

To watch this:

I can't wait!!! To see this:

And to shout this:


Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Roll Tide back at ya! I hope you can go! We have tickets for 3 games so far (if we do not have tickets - we will be tailgating in the quad!)
Roll Tide - I can not wait!

Jennie said...

I just have to say ... War Eagle!

Hopefully we can still be friendly for the next 4 months :)

Emily said...

I'm so pumped about football too!!! I swing the other way though...WAR EAGLE! ;P

kace said...

So I'm a HEELS girl at heart... but I still like your blog:) hehe

Molly said...

I am excited too! Just not for Bama. Hehe.
Your football love makes me happy! :)

Jane In The Jungle said...

Girl...all I can say to that is GO VOLS!!!!