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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Baby Blog Swap

I participate in the Baby Blog Swap hosted by Kelly@ Two Kids and a Minivan. It was so much fun. Thanks Kelly for hosting this.

My Swap partner was Katherine @ Another Day, Another Moment. Here is what was inside:

A cute shirt.

Two Cars (that Landon had to start playing with as soon as I opened the box.

A Bottle of Germ-X(Always a great item and we use lots of it)

Thanks again Katherine and Kelly.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Hey Everyone! Landon is in the Cutest Baby Contest over at Baby Makin(g) Machine. She is hosting the contest in order to spread the word about her March of Dimes Fundraiser. So please go vote for him Here is the link and he is number 24!

Also he needs your votes for the Gap Casting Call! Here is the link for that

Thanks and Remember to Vote. Also you can vote once per day for the Gap Casting Call.

It's My Party

I was a little worried on Saturday that it would rain on Sunday but when we woke up Sunday it was beautiful. I couldn't have asked for a prettier day. It was sunny and around 80. Perfect! I thought Landon was going to sleep through his party. He fell asleep coming home from picking up his cake and balloons, stayed asleep once we got him out of the car, I had to wake him up to put him in the car to leave, and he fell back asleep in the car on the way to his party. But once we got he woke up and was great. We didn't have as many people come as we thought we would but it was still wonderful. Here's the party in pictures:

The cake and cupcakes (Sams did these and they were wonderful)

My cousin Wendy, Landon, and my Dad

Auburn enjoying the splash pad

Landon sitting with his Daddy and Granna

Cake Time (he tried to grab the candle that's why we are holding his arms while everone is singing Happy Birthday)

He wasn't to sure about it at first

But he came around

He loved opening his presents

All of them

Landon and his two great grandmothers (whom he loves very much)

We all had a wonderful time and I believe he had a great first birthday. Here's to hoping this next year goes by a little slower.

BTW. Roll Tide. The tide played great on Saturday.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Today is Landon's First Birthday!
Here is a picture of him this morning in his new birthday pj's.

Isn't he cute?

He had chocolate chip muffins to take to daycare with him today to share with everyone for his birthday. This weekend will be very busy but I am looking forward to every minute of it. I will post about his birthday party on Monday.

I also entered Landon in a Gap Casting Call yesterday and he needs your votes so click this link and then here is his ID# 427806088. You may have to register to the website before it will let you vote but it is a great website. Please go vote for him.

Happy Birthday Landon! Mommy Loves You!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Baby Story

9.24.08. Dustin and me both took the day off because later that day I was going to the hospital and was going to be induced the following morning. We slept in (which I think that was the last time that we have got to do that), went shopping, ate a early dinner at Logan's and went to the hospital. I am glad that we had a scheduled induction because if I had went into labor at home who know what would have happened.We had a nice night at the hospital that night (well as nice as a night at the hospital can get).

9.25.08.They broke my water around 6am the next morning and shortly after that all of our family started arriving. There were only supposed to be 2 other people in the room besides me. Well we had about 10 at one point. My nurse that day was the incredible. Her name was Lindy and she normal only worked on weekends but was working for someone that day. We were laughing all day that day and she said that we were her favorite family. And that she couldn't kick anyone out because she was having so much fun. I never was in too much pain but I went ahead and got my epidural (not really sure what time this was). Well around 5:00pm my doctor came in and said that I was not progress as much as she would like and for me to think about it for a bit and she would be back to see if I decided to wait a little longer or go ahead a have a c-section. Well around 5:30 she came back and said that it would probably be best if I went ahead and had the c-section so that's what we did. Lindy held my hand in the OR until Dustin was able to come back. I started not feeling so well while I was in the OR (still not really sure why) but anyway finally at 5:56 Landon was born he weighed 6pds2oz and was 18in long. He was having a little trouble breathing so Dustin got to hold him for about 1 minute and then they took him to the NICU while I went to recovery. Finally Dustin and his mom got to go see him in the NICU he had a small pneumothorax (a little whole in his lung) and he wasn't eating very well. My mom, sister, and niece came to see me in recovery (I was doing a lot better).

Around 1am I finally got to go see him surprisingly he was one of the biggest babies in the NICU. He was doing good and so was I. He stayed in the NICU for 2 days his pneumothorax cleared up the next day but he still was not eating well (boy has that changed). He finally came to our room on Saturday night just in time to watch his first Alabama football game. Alabama was playing Georgia and we won 41-30. Landon was there good luck charm.

We left the hospital around lunch on Sunday and it seems like just yesterday. This year has gone by way to fast. Happy "Almost" Birthday baby boy.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First Day of Fall and Halloween

I can't believe that it is almost October! Well, Today is the first day of fall. I am so ready for cooler weather (without rain!), the leaves to start changing, and chili! I am also trying to get a head start on Halloween. Do you want to see a sneak peak of Landon's Halloween costume?

Well Here it is:

Do you know what it is?
I hope everyone is having a great first day of Fall! And maybe the rain will stop soon.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Free Music

Do any of you like Kenny Loggins? If so I have a treat for you. Here is your chance for 4 FREE digital downloads (MP3's) from "All Join In" (Kenny Loggins new album) Click the link below to check it out.

After listening, just answer a couple quick questions and then you will receive a email getswith a link to download 4 FREE digital songs (MP3s) from "All Join In".

Who doen't love free music?

Friday, Football, Friends and Rain.

Friday night we went to my high school's football game. I was wanting to get Landon's picture taken with the mascot MoJo but I never got to because right as the half-time show was starting, it started thundering and lighting so we left and as soon as we got to the car it started pouring down. We had seen a lady with a newborn baby at the game and they didn't make it to the car in time. As we were about to pull out we saw them trying to keep her covered up. I felt so sorry for her and for her parents.

Saturday I had school and I woke up to rain. Then after school I talked to one of my good friends Andrea and she said that she would come over later that night. So I went straight home and started cleaning like crazy. After I watched Alabama beat North Texas 53-7 (Roll Tide).We host Arkansas next week. It will be a tough game but I know the Tide will win!! I had to make a run to Hobby Lobby to get the things to make these for Landon's party. Then I had a CPR class that lasted from 4 till 7. It felt like it was forever long. I finally got done there and headed home and it was raining. Dustin grilled hamburgers and we were going to start watching the Auburn game but they were on Lighting Delay but by the time Andrea got there the game was on. It was so nice to see her. We used to work together now she is a middle school Biology teacher so we don't get to spend as much time together. Oh Yeah Auburn won too.

On Sunday I wanted to sleep in because it was raining but I had to get up and get Landon ready to go take his Birthday pictures. We took him to Portrait Innovations and the picture that we got turned out so cute. If I can figure out a way to get the picture on the computer I will put it on here because it is so super cute. The we went to our first grocery trip to ALDI and loved it. We usually spend over $100 a week in groceries and we only spend around $60. The two best finds was a gallon of milk was $1.49 and a five pound package of hamburger meat was $9 and something. When we got home I decided that I would take Landon for a walk in his wagon that he got from my dad for his birthday.

Well as soon as I got him outside and took this picture it started raining of course it started raining it has rained all weekend long. And it is supposed to keep raining all week and next weekend. Which Sunday is Landon's party so I hope that it decides not to rain from 4-6 on Sunday. Has it been raining where you live? How was your weekend?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Big News!

I have some pretty exciting news today. Yesterday I found that I will be getting a new office at work (one with a window). It may not sound like that exciting and big news to you but to me it is. Right now I share a office with another girl. Now don't get me wrong I don't mind sharing and she is hilarious sometimes but I need want my own office. I also will be changing jobs so I am excited but a little nervous. I will be moving in on Monday.

I got this shirt from a awesome Etsy shop right here in Alabama click HERE to check it out.

Also in a week from today my baby boy will be 1. I have the cake and cupcakes picked out(from Sams). The cake resembles a baseball and the cupcakes have green frosting and a baseball on top. I almost have all of my invites mailed out (just waiting on a few more address). This week we have to go buy all the fixings for the hotdogs and I am also making these Paper Treat Cones and going to use base themed paper and fill them with popcorn.

Well I hope everyone has a great weekend. I have an exam tomorrow that I have to cram study for tonight. Then after class tomorrow I will be watching my Tide Roll.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Have you ever had a friend that you were inseparable from? Then when something changes in your life they never talk to you anymore? Wonder why that is?

Me and my best friend in high school were inseparable we went everywhere together and also asked the other before doing anything. I never once thought that we would not be right there with each other for the rest of our lives. But since I got married we have not done anything together (not once). She did not come to the hospital to see Landon when he was born. But she did get a phone call informing her that he had been born. And she did not come to the funeral when my mom passed away.

I never thought that we would not have a relationship but we don't anymore. Getting married and having Landon were two of the best things that have ever happened to me and someone who I thought I could share everything with wasn't even there with me for one of them. I guess in times like that you get to really see who your true friends are. I have wonderful friends and love them all. And I hope one day my old high school friend will realize that she misses me as much as I have missed her. I am also glad that I have all of you as friends. I truly feel like I have known some of you forever.

"Remember, the greatest gift is not found in a store nor under a tree, but in the hearts of true friends." -- Cindy Lew

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's Finale Night!

So if you have ever read my blog before you would know that I love Big Brother. Well tonight is the Finale. I am so sad that it is almost over. What am I going to do the next few months? I need some new Fall shows to get into? What Fall Shows do ya'll watch?.

Anyway, since Jeff is not on there anymore I really hope Jordan wins. Jeff and Jordan have been my two favorites this year. Jordan also really needs the money. Do you watch Big Brother? If so, who do you want to win?

I guess maybe I can get some more things done around my house now since the show is over.

Also I have to leave you with this website I have came across. If you need a laugh go check it out.

Monday, September 14, 2009

My Nusing Uniforms.Com Review

I was so happy when I got a chance to review a pair of scrubs from I work at a hospital and am about to apply for the nursing program at the school I attend. is a great website for all of your scrub needs. They have the best brands (Dickie's, Cherokee, Landau, and more). They also have great low prices.

This is a picture of me in my scrubs. I usually buy Cherokee brand scrubs but I choose Dickie's to review. I choose the Dickie's Flare Leg Pants in Petite and the Dickie's V-Neck Top with Two Front Pockets both in Maui Blue. It is a beautiful color. I love them. They are light weight. The only complaint I have is that I should have ordered a small in the the shirt. The sizes differ a little between different brands.

If you work in the medical field or know someone who does, is a great website to shop for scrubs. I will be shopping there a lot once I finish nursing school. is also on Twitter. Check them out there for great deals.

I Never Thought...

There is a few things that have occurred the past week that I thought I would never...

1. I never thought I would become a germaphobe...but I have. With everyone being sick, we have gone through a couple of things of Lysol and a few bottles of GermX.

2. I purchased a 7 game (season tickets) to the rest of Auburn's home games. If you have ever read my blog before you would know that I am a HUGE Alabama fan (and No that hasn't changed). My nephew is in the naval ROTC at Auburn and he carries the flags in to some of the home games. This will give me the opportunity to go see him (btw. I am very proud of him). Also it included a ticket to the AL/AU game. This is the real reason I bought it. I have never been to a AL/AU game before so I can't wait. But I never thought that I would buy season tickets to Auburn..Never.

3. I also never thought that I would be happy to be back at work. I am overloaded right now and should really be working right now. But I am so glad to be back.. Never thought that this day would come.

I finally got Landon's birthday invites all printed and I hope to get them sent out tomorrow. My baby will be one in less than 2 weeks. Here is a picture of the invite. They were made by an awesome Etsy shop. KM Thomas Designs. If you are looking for any type of invites check her out she was amazing.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Missed The Dissection and The Game..

Everyone is feeling a lot better today (still not 100% but a lot better).

So if you didn't already know I did not get to go to the game after all. I was so upset but my child will always come first but hopefully I will get to go to the AL/AU game this year. It is on a Friday so I will not be missing any class and my nephew goes to AU so maybe he can help me get a ticket. I also had to miss my AP class on Saturday. Bummer. We had two tests and the fetal pig dissection. I was actually looking forward to it. My teacher is letting me make up my tests though thank goodness.

On to happier things Landon's birthday is in two weeks. Yikes! I can't believe how fast it is approaching. I still haven't got his invitations but I am working on that right now. I have found a cake for him at Sam's and we are planning on having hot dogs. So other than the invites everything else is pretty much figured out.

Also, remember Landon was staying with Aunt at a small in home daycare? Well, he is starting back there on Monday. My Aunt can't wait. That also means he will get to spend a lot more time with my sister. So she is happy too.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Quick Update

Hey everyone. Sorry for no updates. Landon is a lot better today. He hasn't had a fever since around 4 on Sunday. So that's great and his appetite is starting to come back. I was feeling bad on Saturday so I went on to the doctor and tested negative for the flu but they started me on the Tamiflu anyway because I had already been exposed to it and now Dustin has it. So we have all been sick around here but are starting to get better. Thanks for all the prayers. I hope to be back at work by tomorrow or Thursday.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Swine Flu!

Well I may not be posting tomorrow because I will be home with Landon because he has Swine Flu. I think we caught it early. He only has a slight fever and nothing really else. He seems to feel fine. He is eating and drinking normal so that is good. I hope he is well very soon and I hope that I do not get it. We are Lysoling everything and using germx like crazy.. Please pray that he gets well soon. I hate to see my baby sick.

It's That Time Again!

Coach Saban Says:
It's time for some Football. Aight?

It's finally here. I am a serious football fanatic. I get up early on Saturday's watch College Gameday (I was even on there once a couple of years ago) Then watch games from 11 till bedtime. I am a huge Alabama Fan Landon is lucky we didn't name him Tide (which we did think about). If you ever need to buy me something anything Alabama will work.

Well tonight kicks off the beginning of college football. While I love Alabama I also love football in general and tonight I will be watching Boise and Oregon. I love to watch Boise play too. Did you know that they play on a Blue Field? How cool is that. Here is an awesome clip from the 2007 Fiesta Bowl.

The Statue of Liberty is the best play ever!

Saturday after class I will be driving to Atlanta. I can't wait for the game. I have never been to the Georgia Dome. It will be a blast.

Here's one last clip of the 2007 Alabama v. Tennessee Game. A Huge Rammer Jammer. Hope we get to do this Saturday night against the Hokies.

I hope to teach Landon to say Roll Tide this football season. While I am a fanatic you will never catch me like this.

Roll Tide!

Do You Have a Favorite Football Team?
Are you a serious fan like me?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...Let's Hug It Out

Landon Says: When sleeping over with Sissy (my sister) I found myself with no pj's so I had to borrow one of Hannah's (my niece) shirts. Why did they have to choose pink?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Loveable Labels Review

When we decided to send Landon to a larger daycare (besides the in-home one that he was at where he was the only baby). I knew that we would be have to label all his things, so that they would not get confused with everyone else. Hey it happens I know I used to work at a daycare but it can be prevented.

You may or may not have heard of Loveable Labels. If you haven't heard of them you will want to check them out for sure! Laura Porreca, Owner and President of Lovable Labels created these labels when her first child entered daycare and she was told to label everything. To read more about how Loveable Labels was created click HERE.

Loveable Labels sent us the Back To School Mega Pack. That includes:

  • 15 sticker labels

  • 60 slimline labels

  • 48 Press N’ Stick clothing dots

  • 16 shoe labels

  • 2 Mini-Metal tags

  • 5 Book/Binder stickers

The Back to School Mega Pack has everything you will need. And you can choose from four colors and have an option to pick from over 20 different icons or no icon at all. We choose the red with no icon for Landon and let me tell you I have loved these labels. The metal tag was perfect for his backpack and the small slimline labels are great for his bottles.

Buy It:

Lovable Labels are very useful and are great for back to school! The Back to School Mega Pack retails for $44.95 CND/USD but The Life of A Small Town Girl readers (That's You) can use code:smalltownfamous to save 10%! This unique code is valid for 2 weeks from today's date!

Visit Lovable Labels and never lose your child's belongings again! Interested in becoming an agent? Check out all of the details HERE!