Friday, September 18, 2009

Big News!

I have some pretty exciting news today. Yesterday I found that I will be getting a new office at work (one with a window). It may not sound like that exciting and big news to you but to me it is. Right now I share a office with another girl. Now don't get me wrong I don't mind sharing and she is hilarious sometimes but I need want my own office. I also will be changing jobs so I am excited but a little nervous. I will be moving in on Monday.

I got this shirt from a awesome Etsy shop right here in Alabama click HERE to check it out.

Also in a week from today my baby boy will be 1. I have the cake and cupcakes picked out(from Sams). The cake resembles a baseball and the cupcakes have green frosting and a baseball on top. I almost have all of my invites mailed out (just waiting on a few more address). This week we have to go buy all the fixings for the hotdogs and I am also making these Paper Treat Cones and going to use base themed paper and fill them with popcorn.

Well I hope everyone has a great weekend. I have an exam tomorrow that I have to cram study for tonight. Then after class tomorrow I will be watching my Tide Roll.


Jennifer Leigh said...

Congrats on the new office! I recently moved to my own, its more of a receptionist area but we aren't an open to the public type place so its still private. I get way more down and love the privacy! I used to share a room with 1 other girl and my boss's wife and all we did was socialize.

Kelly said...

He is so adorable!
Cute idea with the paper cones. :)

Molly said...

A window and privacy makes a huge difference in work! Congrats!

Sounds like Landons party is going to be adorable! Can't wait to see pictures.

Emily said...

Charlie will be one a week from tomorrow...where does the time go!?
And congrats on your new job and office!!!!

Natalie said...

Hey girl! Thanks for becoming a new blogger friend, yay! Your blog and your little boy are so super cute!!

Annie said...

ohhhhhhh I'm jealous!! I have an office to myself...but no window! Feels like I am in a cave :(

Love the baseball theme idea for Landon's b-day...I may have to steal that in 3 months for Blake's 1st :)

Alicia W. said...

you go girl on the new office! Movin on up - whoot whoot!

LOVE L's shirt... so cute! Have a great weekend.

*Kc* said...

Congrats on your new office!

I love his little shirt. My daughter's birthday is in about amonth and i'm already buying her bday outfit and party supplies. Don't want to rush it, but I just can't wait!