Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's That Time Again!

Coach Saban Says:
It's time for some Football. Aight?

It's finally here. I am a serious football fanatic. I get up early on Saturday's watch College Gameday (I was even on there once a couple of years ago) Then watch games from 11 till bedtime. I am a huge Alabama Fan Landon is lucky we didn't name him Tide (which we did think about). If you ever need to buy me something anything Alabama will work.

Well tonight kicks off the beginning of college football. While I love Alabama I also love football in general and tonight I will be watching Boise and Oregon. I love to watch Boise play too. Did you know that they play on a Blue Field? How cool is that. Here is an awesome clip from the 2007 Fiesta Bowl.

The Statue of Liberty is the best play ever!

Saturday after class I will be driving to Atlanta. I can't wait for the game. I have never been to the Georgia Dome. It will be a blast.

Here's one last clip of the 2007 Alabama v. Tennessee Game. A Huge Rammer Jammer. Hope we get to do this Saturday night against the Hokies.

I hope to teach Landon to say Roll Tide this football season. While I am a fanatic you will never catch me like this.

Roll Tide!

Do You Have a Favorite Football Team?
Are you a serious fan like me?


Kado! said...

WOW! That picture will be hard to get out of my least she feels like she is lookin' good! how funny!

Annie said...

you are funny....i am a fan....but nothing like you!! haha...more of a fair-weather fan!!

that lady with the body paint...i have no words for that!

Alice Audrey said...

Holy fruits! Is that woman wearing nothing but a paint job on top?

*Kc* said...

Hi! Just found your blog and love it!
We are Arkansas Razorback fans :) Same conference..SEC!!
That picture is cracking me!