Friday, October 23, 2009

Flashback Friday...Pumpkin

This is my Kitty Cat pumpkin that I carved back in 2006.I loved this pumpkin but on Halloween day I picked it up to light it and it fell out of my hand and smashed everywhere. Lets hope that doesn't happen this year. I carved my pumpkin for this year Wednesday night.It is a just a scary face but I am also thinking about doing a Alabama pumpkin.

PS. I had a lot of people interested in the coustume contest so if you want to enter send your picture to lanmansmom@gmail I will be taking them from today until November 3. Then I will put them up on here on the 4th for everyone to vote. They maybe a little something for the winner too. So let everyone know about it.


Priscila said...

thats a great pumpkin!!! We need to carve ours!!!

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I hope you choose to follow me because we try to have a new giveaway every Monday and I wouldn't want you to miss out :)

Annie said...

very impressive cat pumpkin!!

i will e-mail you a pic of my little pumpkin...wont win any points for creativity...but he's cute :)...haha

Cassie said...

Cool pumpkin! I'll email our picture after we get Jackson all dressed up tonight!

kado! said...

nice pumpkin!!! You are crafty! Can't wait to see this years pumpkin!

Alicia W. said...

That is really cute! Wonder what your going to do this year?