Monday, October 5, 2009

"Not Me" Monday

Not Me Monday was created by McKMama. To see what her and everyone else has NOT been doing this week click HERE.

Landon did NOT have to get four shots on Thursday during his well Dr. visit but he was NOT a big boy about it and only cry for a few seconds. He did NOT get the go ahead to start on "real milk". I was NOT super excited about that. Nope NOT Me!

We did NOT order a new Net Book and a Sling box from Dell on Friday night because the laptop that we have had for less than two years has NOT already bit the dust. I would NEVER think about bringing my laptop to work so I could watch Ellen everyday. Never!

I had my bone quiz on Saturday. I did NOT do better than I thought I would but I did NOT mix up the bones in the legs and the bones in the arm. I would NEVER do such a thing. When I got home on Saturday Auburn did NOT stay with me for a little while. I did NOT get to see what it would be like having two kids. It was NOT fun. Alabama did NOT beat Kentucky on Saturday and I can NOT wait until next Saturday to beat Ole Miss. Auburn did NOT also beat Tennessee. I do NOT want for both teams to be undefeated going into the Iron Bowl.

Landon did NOT say football yesterday. It was NOT the cutest thing ever! He also does NOT have a new dance move. We did NOT grill out yesterday over at Dustin's moms. It was NOT delicious. I did NOT eat too much. Me? Never!


The Stiffs said...

Very nice post. I also love your name and how you spell it :)

Molly said...

I am super jealous that Landon said football! Cooper isn't talking much, and won't even say mama!