Friday, October 2, 2009

Show Us Your Life-Baby Gear

So today I decided to join in the fun over at Kelly's Korner for Show Us Your Life because today is Baby Gear and we have used a lot of baby items over this year. So here is my list of must haves and some have nots.

Pack and Play: We loved ours Landon slept in it in our room for about 6 months and we love to carry it with us when we go out of town. They are very easy to pack up in the car.

Bumbo: We love our Bumbo. I wasn't so sure about it at first. But we purchased the snack tray that goes along with it and I think that if you are going to purchase the Bumbo you should purchase this too because I was scared that Landon would fall over out of it but with the tray he can't fall out and it also gives us something that we can carry with us when we travel to feed him in.

Bouncy Seat: Our bouncy seat was a life saver. Landon has out grown it now but he loved sitting in there. It was very soothing. When he was really small it would put him right to sleep.

Diaper Dekor: We had a Diaper Genie and Hate it. But I got the chance to review a diaper dekor and we have loved it. It has a lever that you step on so you do not have to touch the lid and there is a flap that you toss the diaper in so you don't have to push it in.

Luvs: By far the best diaper that we have used. We love Luvs!

Britax Marathon: We have loved our Britax Marathon. It was very much worth the money. I just wished I had bought this from the beginning.

Here are some things I haven't liked so much.

Wipe Warmer: We have one and have never used it.
Diaper Genie: To messy. I hated having to stick my hand in there and the odor was horrible.

Travel System: Well I didn't hate my travel system. I actually really like it but the stroller was huge and would not fit in our car very well. We have a lightweight stroller now and I love it. We also had the Graco Stroller Frame and it was a great purchase.

Huggies: Very pricey and Landon will pee straight though them.

I could list lots more but I will leave it at that for now.


MOMMY-MOMO said...

Great list... except I'm a pampers fan :)

Katie@The Baby Factory said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Totally agree with you about!

Amy said...

Totally agree about the Diaper Genie....yuck! We just eliminated it altogether and use Kroger bags and take them straight out to the big trash can. Who wants to keep "collecting" dirty diapers in their baby's nursery?! And to me, the Diaper Genie did not mask the smell at all!

Shannon said...

Thank you for stopping by. Your little boy is precious! Landon was almost the name of our little one that is on the way!

Apryl said...

Thanks for the comment and for visiting my blog! It's great to meet other bloggers. I totally agree on the travel system. About the diapers...I was a pampers snob at one time, because he'd pee right through any other diaper. Then switched to huggies because they give good coupons, but now he can pretty much wear any diaper. Your little one is adorable!

Emily said...

I was all about the bumbo too. It wasn't around when I had Jack but I discovered it w/ Melody and was quickly hooked!

Molly said...

I loved the bumbo chair! It was so awesome to keep Cooper contained for awhile.
Coop pees right through Huggies, too! My sis swears by them...who knows.

2 little Boys said...

Thanks for visitig my list over at 2 little Boys. I too love the Britax Marathon, as soon as my son was ready to face forward I went out and bought one, and now both of my boys have used it. I also bought the latest Britax Frontier booster (my husband hated it because of the cost). I felt that I wanted the Britax booster because it still had the 5 point harness system, back support, and locked into the seat. I too loved the Graco but hated the size and weight of the stroller. So it looks like we have a lot of likes and dislikes the same ;-)

Khordaddy said...

Totally hear ya on the diaper genie. I really like it, but the constant bag refill requirements led us to just stick it in the closet. Much easier to just empty the small trash we have in her room when we need to!

Thanks for visiting my blog, love your site!

short southern momma said...

ahhh memories..been a long time since I had any baby gear. Left you a little something on my blog too. = )

Kado! said...

how funny...I hate luvs...and ♥ Huggies!...and I had boys too...funny!