Friday, October 9, 2009

Show Us Your Life- Teams, Traditions, and Tailgating

Today's Show Us Your Life (hosted by Kelly over at Kelly's Korner) is Teams, Traditions, and Tailgating.
If you have every visited my blog before you will know that I am a HUGE Alabama Crimson Tide Fan! RTR! I am glad I married someone who was a Bama fan too. I don't think I could live in a house divided.

Even Landon has been a fan since birth.

Whenever Alabama is mentioned you have to think about "The Bear".

The Bear became Alabama's Head Coach and Athletic Director in 1958

He coached at Alabama for 25 years

Won 6 National Championships and

13 SEC Championships

With a total of 323 Victory's

"I ain't never been nothing but a winner"-Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant

Alabama is full of tradition thanks in most part to Coach Bryant and to it's dedicated fan base and now that tradition is continuing with Coach Saban. Some of my favorite traditions are

The Walk of Champions:

Which is where the players walk in to the Stadium about 2 hours before game time.

The Iron Bowl:

Alabama vs. Auburn

In Alabama this is considered the biggest game of the year. No matter what the other teams record is that is all in the past. This is the only game that matters. Both teams play there hearts out in this game. It is usually played the Saturday after Thanksgiving but they moved it to the Friday after this year and this will be my first year ever to actually go to the game. Yeah! Forget shopping.

Then there is the Tradition video that is played before every home game and it gives me chills every time I see it.

Tailgating... One of my favorite parts about Saturday's in Tuscaloosa. I loved to see all the people and smell all the food (oh my goodness at the food). There are always things to do. My favorite are: shopping at the little booths that are set up everywhere, eating at my favorite place Big Bad Wolfe's (Best BBQ ever! Hands Down), and Hanging out with friends.

But my absolute favorite thing about football Saturday's is The Game!
We bleed Crimson and White around here. We even had to show our team spirit at our wedding
Landon has already made a trip to Bryant Denny (well twice actually once in utero)
And here is a picture of me with last years QB. John Parker Wilson.

We Love our team and our coach and we will always be behind you cheering:

Go Bama beat those Rebels!!


Maggie said...

I actually grew up in Gardendale! What a small world! I love your post! You're going to love love love going to the Iron Bowl. I've been twice. I got to go last year and it was awesome. I hope we win again!
Roll Tide!
PS You're little boy is precious!

The Stokley Family said...

B-A-M-A Bama all the way!!
Cute blog found you from Kelly's Korner.

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Roll Tide! Wonderful post!!!!! Tailgating & the Tide - Absolutely Awesome!

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

I'm an Arkansas girl (GO HOGS!), but I absolutely love ya'll's houndstooth print hats! I also think you guys have some really neat traditions : )

Have a good weekend!

Molly said...

Of course you would have lots to show with this prompt! Love your team spirit!

Kado! said...

wow...i can't believe even your wedding cake had team spirit!....

Little Mama said...

I enjoyed your post! Even though I'm an LSU fan, I have a soft spot for Bama since my Dad graduated from there :) SEC football is the best!