Thursday, October 29, 2009

Stomach Virus and Halloween This and That!

Sorry for being a bad blogger the past week but my bad day on Tuesday got a lot worse. I have had a stomach virus. YUCK! Landon had it last week and I started feeling bad on Tuesday and I had to take off work yesterday. I should have been resting but I cleaned most of the house. It was not a fun couple of days but I am pretty much all better today so thats good. Thank you all for the sweet comments on Tuesday's post. It made my day better.

We did not make it to the pumpkin patch last weekend. I am a little sad about it but Landon is still not really old enough to understand about it yet. We will definintaly be going next year. I can't wait for Satuday though, we are taking Landon trick or treating at our families houses then we are going to a trunk or treat at church. I wish I had a costume to wear. Are you dressing up for Halloween?

Also don't forget about my costume contest. E-mail me at Lanmansmom@gmail your kids or pets picture by Nov. 3 to be entered.


Emily said...

Ugh. I so feel for you. The stomach bug is the WORST! I hope you guys are 100% soon. Oh, and I'm emailing you my costume contest entry now...

kado! said...

oh..that sucks to be sick! I hope you guys are better soon!

I'll be taking the pics tomorrow..and getting them to you soon!

Molly said...

Hope you are feeling better really soon!

Last year, we took Coop to the pumpkin patch after Halloween. They were open all the way to Thanksgiving. Still makes some great fall pics after Halloween.

Unknown Mami said...

I'm sorry, I hope you feel better soon.

I have yet to take my daughter to a pumpkin patch. I need to be better about creating those kinds of memories.