Friday, December 18, 2009

Flashback Friday...Christmas '08

This was taken last Christmas. Landon was so small (and I was so large good thing I have lost a little weight since then.)

I am so excited for Christmas. I have all of my presents wrapped and they are under the tree. There is nothing better than a Christmas tree with presents all under it.

Chrismas parties officially begin today for me. Our work party is today and one of the doctors has already given us our gifts and his hand drawn Christmas card. If I can get my scanner to work I will have to scan it to show all of you. They are amazing. He does it every year. Here is a link where you can see his 2006 card.

Tomorrow I think we are going to go to my sisters and bake goodies to take to my Grandmother and Aunts.  Then tomorrow night we are having a party at Dustins moms.

Then more partying on Christmas eve and Christmas day.

Let the fun begin.

I have to charge my camera so I will be able to take lots of pictures.


Christen said...

My mom and sisters and I always would bake goodies a few days before Christmas and take them to all our family get togethers!

~~Mel~~ said...

I'll be baking cookies tomorrow...and this past week was full of parties! It's a busy busy season!

Emily said...

Oh thanks for the reminder, I have to charge my camera too!
I looked back at a few pictures of Charlie last Christmas earlier today...this year's going to be quite different from last year!

kace said...

Can you come wrap my presents? I have not wrapped a single one... looks like there will be lots of gifts in bags for my fam!