Monday, January 4, 2010

Guess What?

Landon is 15 months old. I can't hardly believe it.

 Here is what he has been up to:

  • He talks non stop. Mostly jibber jabber but we are starting to understand a few things. He says This, bite bite, eye, shoe, uh oh, boo, mama, dada, no, toy and a few more.

  • He knows where his eyes and nose are and we are working on our mouth and ears.

  • We are finally bottle free after a little struggle. (true story.We were trying to ditch the bottle and we were in the car going home one night and I gave him his sippy and he threw it in the floor and I said "Landon your a big boy you need to drink from your sippy" and plain as day he said I want my ba ba. I about died.) He gave it up about a week later with no problems.

  • He loves to snuggle when he is sleepy.

  • He is becoming a night owl. He used to go to sleep between 8-9 and now he likes to stay awake until about 10 or after and likes to sleep until about 8 in the morning. He got used to doing this while we were off for Christmas and he did not want to get up at 6 this morning when we had to leave for work. Who could blame him though.

  • He has 7 teeth and two more are coming in.

  • He will eat anything. Yesterday he ate some spinach dip.

  • He loves chicken nuggets and fish sticks but spaghetti is his favorite.

  • He loves any thing that make noise and when he hears it he starts dancing. It is so precious.

  • He loves to kiss you. If you pick him up and he wants back down he will give you a kiss so you will put him back down.

  • He has a super bad temper but is so cute when he gets mad.

  • He makes the face in the picture above all them time and it is so stinkin cute.

  •  He always thinks that you are chasing him.

He is getting to be so big. I don't even think I can call him a baby anymore. He is a toddler.


{Jamie} said...

Oh babe I feel you on this! My little man is 14 months doing all the same things! It's so cute but I sometimes just sit back and wonder where my baby went! They are growing too fast!!!

Emily said...

He's so cute! I really love this age.

Christen said...

That's a wonderful age!
Who doesn't love spaghetti??? It's my favorite too!

Paige said...

15 months is such a cute & fun age! He is adorable!

Megon said...

He's getting so big! I want my bottle! cute!

♥Kim said...

I here ya girl! Hunter is 16 mnths. doing the exact same things & it's just so cute but heartbreaking! They grow up so darn fast!

PS: I love your blog! The colors & all!