Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow and The National Championship

Well it is supposed to snow here in AL today which rarely happens arounds here. Most schools are closed today and some are closed tomorrow too. I work at hospital so I am at work but we may be leaving early. Landon is already for the snow

Doesn't he look so cute in his big puffy jacket. It is a little to big for him though but it keeps him warm. The gloves are attached to it but he has such big hands that they don't fit in them.

Also today is "the day" Alabama is playing Texas for the National Championship. We haven't won a NC since '92 and we have never beaten Texas in a NC game. I hope that changes tonight though. I really hope that the snow doesn't knock the power out.  People have threatened weather stations here about breaking in during the game with weather updates, Crazy. I think it supposed to be over by the time the game starts though.

Anyway, here is hoping for Snow and lots of it and Alabama's 13th National Championship. Roll Tide Roll.


Annie said...

My team played in the GMAC Bowl last night in Mobile, AL....(and won in 2OT)....but I heard that it was like 20 degrees! We are used to that being from we probably had an advantage...record lows for the Gulf coast!!

Landon looks so sweet in his winter coat :)

Good luck tonight!!

~~Mel~~ said...

Love his big puffy jacket! you'll have to let us know how much snow you really do get.

Ashley Thames said...

@Annie - I'm from Mobile, and my team lost to your team -boo! :(
I am also hoping for some snow in Alabama!

Ali said...

He looks so adorable all bundled up! Good luck on the game-I was so excited (and surprised) when AR won the Liberty Bowl last week.

Unknown Mami said...

He looks adorable!

Natalie said...

Congratulations on your win last night! I was cheering y'all on to a victory! You know I am a Razorback fan, but I had to cheer for my SEC!! It was a great game...Roll Tide!

Tina said...

How funny was it that the down basically shut down on Game Day. I think James Spann was "paid off"!!