Saturday, February 27, 2010

101 in 1001

The Challenge: Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days

The Criteria: Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on your part).

Start date Feburary 22,2010

End date November 22, 2012

Completed Bold
In progress Pink

  1. Read a book a month for 5 months (consecutively) 5/5)
  2. Go a week without getting on Facebook or Twitter. (0/7)
  3. Take a Road Trip.
  4. Baby #2.
  5. Eat dinner at home every night (besides weekends) for a month. (0/20)
  6. Go to 5 concerts. (6/5)
  7. Go camping twice. (0/2)
  8. Go to the gym before work three days a week for a month. (0/12)
  9. Write Landon a letter every month.  (0/34)
  10. Write a letter to myself now and open it at the end of 1001.
  11. Watch a  movie a month. (34/34)
  12. Do a 5k.
  13. Volunteer 5 times. (0/5)
  14. Host a party.
  15. Take Landon to a Mommy and Me class.
  16. Go to the park every weekend for month. (2/4)
  17. Get a family portrait.
  18. Get professional pictures of Landon.
  19. Make 2 new friends. (2/2)
  20. Learn to cook 5 new dishes. (5/5)
  21. Don't eat fast food for a week. (5/5)
  22. Go to a book signing.
  23. Get a tattoo.
  24. Go to a NFL game.
  25. Visit 2 states I have never been to before. (2/2) ( Nevada, Lousiana)
  26. Go on a cruise.
  27. Lose 30 pounds. (30/30)
  28. Start a college fund for Landon.
  29. Decide on a major.
  30. Start back to school.
  31. Go to 3 drive in movies. (0/3)
  32. Read through the Bible.
  33. Try 5 new resturants. (5/5) (Le Bakery, Bubba Gumps, Nothing But Noodles, 5 Guys, Tacky Jacks)
  34. Go to a Chiropractor.
  35. Go to a Kickboxing class.
  36. Pay for the person behind me at the drive thru.
  37. Take Landon to the Zoo.
  38. Inspire someone else to do a 101 in 1001.
  39. Meet a bloggy friend.
  40. Send 10 peices of snail mail. (0/10)
  41. Adopt a family for Christmas.
  42. Have a girls night out every other month. (0/17)
  43. Potty train Landon.
  44. Have 3 yard sales. (3/3)
  45. Take a sewing class.
  46. Babysit 5 times. (15)
  47. Have date night 10 times. (3/10)
  48. Buy a DSLR.
  49. Stay in my pjs for an entire weekend.
  50. Go to NY.
  51. Visit a Dermatologist.
  52. Go to the spa.
  53. See a muscial.
  54. Pay off 1 credit card.
  55. Be a vegetarian for one week.
  56. Buy a desktop computer.
  57. Take a photography class.
  58. Complete the 365 day challege.
  59. Paint Landon's bedroom.
  60. Spend a entire day barefoot.
  61. Go Hiking.
  62. Attend an Away Alabama football game.
  63.  Buy 10 new pairs of shoes (6/10)
  64. Blog everyday for a month.
  65. Print all pictures off of my camera.
  66. Hire a maid to clean once a month.
  67. Attend church regularly.
  68. Fly on a plane.
  69. Go fishing.
  70. Bake something a bring to work twice a month for 6 months. (0/12)
  71. Do the 30 day Shred.
  72. Become a SAHM.
  73. Dye my hair.
  74. Put away $1 for every goal I do not complete.
  75. Sign Landon up for Gymnastics.
  76. Take a pottery class.
  77. Take a family vacation with just Dustin and Landon.
  78. Join a book club.
  79. Take a bubble bath every night for a week.
  80. Get another car.
  81. Buy and learn how to use Photoshop.
  82. Dress up for Halloween.
  83. Do 3 DIY projects (3/3)
  84. Take Landon to watch fireworks on the 4th of July.
  85. Buy new earrings.
  86. Build a snowman.
  87. Get a raise.
  88. Play poker.
  89. Go to Disney World.
  90. Take a Zumba class.
  91. Start a new family tradition.
  92. Learn French.
  93. Organize every room of our house.
  94. Do Laundry every other day for a month.
  95. Take Landon to two movies at the theather. (0/2)
  96. Straighten my hair everyday for two weeks.
  97. Sign Landon up for swimming lessons.
  98. Develop an emergency response/plan kit for the family.
  99. Bake a cake.
  100. Go a week without buying anything.
  101. Take Landon for ice cream everytime after he has to go to the doctor (0/??)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Your Questions Answered..

Thanks for asking the questions yesterday. Here are the answers.

Lindsay wanted to know How small the town I am from is?  Well I now actually live two towns over from the town I grew up in and it is average size about 13,000 people but the town I grew up in only has about 2,000.

Emily wanted to know How I met the hubs? He had just moved down here and was working at Wal-Mart on night shift while going to school. Me and my best friend would go to Wal-Mart every night after we went to the gym. One night he just came up and ask me for my number. So I gave to him. It was actually pretty funny. He thought I had gave him a wrong number.

Annie wanted to know If we plan on having another baby? Yes. I actually would like two more but Dustin only wants one more.

Mama Faith wanted to know What do I think the best part of being a mommy to a little boy is? Well, I love everything about being a mommy to a little boy. Boys are great. And mine is a big mommas boy which I love. 


Donnetta asked if we are teaching Landon to say Roll Tide? Yes we are trying really hard. He will say Tide sometimes but thats it.

Thanks so much for the questions. I enjoyed answering them all.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

One Year Ago...

Today I started this blog, yep it's my blogoversary. I started it not really knowing how long it would last. I am so glad that I have stuck with it. I have made a lot of great friends through this blog. So Happy Blogoversary little blog!!

Since it is my blogoversary I thought I would reintroduce myself and my family for all of you that may be new followers.
My name is Brandi
I am a 20 something wife to Dustin
and mother to Landon

 and we live here

If you are a new follower or old follower for that matter and have any questions you would like to ask please ask away. I will answer them tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I entered Landon in a Baby and Child Modeling Search at Please help us out and go vote for him. Here is the link:

Top Two Tuesday...TV Shows

Top 2...
TV Show

1. Big Brother- I loved it. It's my summertime addiction.

and right now I guess I would have to say my other is:
(it tends to change from time to time)

2. American Idol. I watch every year but I haven't really go into it in the past few years

also I am loving The Amazing Race right now because my favorite big brother couple Jeff and Jordan are on there.

for more Top Two Tuesday fun head over to Jimmy Choos & a Baby Too

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Sick But Still Having Fun

Landon has been sick and we took him to the doctor on Thursday and it turns out that he has a ear infection in both ears. Poor guy. He really doesnt act like it bothers him to much though.

He hadn't been running a fever until Thurs night/ Friday morning. So I stayed home with him on Friday. His fever finally broke around 5:30 on Friday night. We wernt to Dustins grandmothers Friday after Dustin got off work. He was fine Friday night and all day on Saturday. He was having so much fun playing with Zoey and PJ.

They brought him this little chair to sit in and he loved (but he loved climing on it more). He didn't take a nap all day until 5:30 Sat night. I had to wake him up at about 7:30 so he could take his medicine. Right after he woke up he threw up and then again about 11:30 Satuday night. He was up about every 2 hours. He was fine all day on Sunday until we got home and he took his medicine. He threw up again and once again this morning after he took it. I am not sure if it is his medicine make him sick or if he has a stomach bug that is going around.

We had a great weekend despite the sickness. Did you all have a good weekend?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

One in the Same.

 Both are from the South...

Both share a love for Mickey Mouse....

Both are totally cuties...

Both have the potential to be heart breakers...

Have a great sense of style..

hince the hat

Landon and Justin Timberlake.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Top Two Tuesday...Dream Vacation

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Top Two..
Dream Vacations

1. California.. I think California is beautiful. I have always wanted to go there and we are going to be so close when we are in Las Vegas next month and Dustin doesn't want to rent a car and take me to one of my dream vacation spots :(

2. Hawaii. What more do I have to say?

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Brad Paisley Concert

Better late than never right? Warning Picture overload.

The Set

Hannah and Me

Justin Moore
(Small Town USA and Backwoods was amazing)

Miranda Lambert she was great best song by far was White Liar.

Brad Paisley was amazing as usual. IMHO he puts on the best concerts!
I can't wait for the next one.

Here is a video from the concert. Just a warning its long.

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday..Play Place

His first time to play in a play place. (@Chick-fil-A)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Top Two Tuesday...Dream Jobs

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Top 2 Dream Jobs...

1.  My all time dream job would be a SAHM. I would love to spend all day with Landon and not have to put him in daycare.

2. I would love to be a Personal Assistant to a celebrity. How much fun would that be? Who wouldn't want to rub elbows with celebs all the time.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Lunch with Justin Moore

Friday was a great day. I won lunch with Justin Moore and it was so fun. We had lunch at an Italian resturant and the food was just ok but we weren't really there for the food anyway. A lot of the people who worked at the radio station were there.

Here is me and "Dollar" Bill.

This man is so funny. He was talking about how hot Justin Moore's Personal Assistant was her name is Jo James and she was very pretty but I didn't get a picture of her.

Here is Justin and Me. He was so nice and funny (and he is a lot shorter than I thought he would be)

They gave away a tour of his tour bus and he was going to sing acoustic to you while you were there but we didn't win.

Me and Hannah.

There were also some crazy people there at the lunch with some crazy stories. Maybe I will share them soon.

I am going to do a post about the concert tomorrow it was a blast as usual.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Show Us Your Life- Beauty Tips

Today's SUYL over at Kelly's Korner is Beauty Tips.

The only make up that I will use is Bare Escentuals. I love it. It has great coverage yet it feels like you are hardly wearing anything.

My favorite Bare Escentuals products are:

Prime Time Primer: It makes you makeup stay on lots longer.

Well Rested: Best Concealer hands down.

and last..
my concealer brush. I love it..

I can't wait to see everyone elses beauty tips. I am still looking for the perfect eyeliner and mascara.