Monday, February 8, 2010

Lunch with Justin Moore

Friday was a great day. I won lunch with Justin Moore and it was so fun. We had lunch at an Italian resturant and the food was just ok but we weren't really there for the food anyway. A lot of the people who worked at the radio station were there.

Here is me and "Dollar" Bill.

This man is so funny. He was talking about how hot Justin Moore's Personal Assistant was her name is Jo James and she was very pretty but I didn't get a picture of her.

Here is Justin and Me. He was so nice and funny (and he is a lot shorter than I thought he would be)

They gave away a tour of his tour bus and he was going to sing acoustic to you while you were there but we didn't win.

Me and Hannah.

There were also some crazy people there at the lunch with some crazy stories. Maybe I will share them soon.

I am going to do a post about the concert tomorrow it was a blast as usual.


Emily said...

Way cool...and I definitely think you should share the crazy stories!

Amber said...

That's so cool!!! I know you that must have been really fun!

♥Kim said...

So Awesome!