Monday, February 22, 2010

Sick But Still Having Fun

Landon has been sick and we took him to the doctor on Thursday and it turns out that he has a ear infection in both ears. Poor guy. He really doesnt act like it bothers him to much though.

He hadn't been running a fever until Thurs night/ Friday morning. So I stayed home with him on Friday. His fever finally broke around 5:30 on Friday night. We wernt to Dustins grandmothers Friday after Dustin got off work. He was fine Friday night and all day on Saturday. He was having so much fun playing with Zoey and PJ.

They brought him this little chair to sit in and he loved (but he loved climing on it more). He didn't take a nap all day until 5:30 Sat night. I had to wake him up at about 7:30 so he could take his medicine. Right after he woke up he threw up and then again about 11:30 Satuday night. He was up about every 2 hours. He was fine all day on Sunday until we got home and he took his medicine. He threw up again and once again this morning after he took it. I am not sure if it is his medicine make him sick or if he has a stomach bug that is going around.

We had a great weekend despite the sickness. Did you all have a good weekend?


Emily said...

He's so cute. My crew has been sick too. I'm over it! Thank goodness they are all currently healthy now...let's just hope it lasts!

♥Kim said...

He's such a cutie. Poor baby, I hope he feels better soon. It kinda sounds like the medicine isn't settleing with his tummy, I'd take him back to the dr. or look at the med. & see what the side affects are. Hugs for lil' man. ♥