Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Painting and New Bed..

When Dustin and me first got married we were looking for a couch and bed at Rooms to Go with his mom. We walked over to the kids section and we saw all the cute little beds and Dustin's mom told us that when we had a baby when "it" got ready for a bed instead of a crib she would buy "it" one from there. Well of course you all know that we know have Landon. We were going to wait on a bed because he hasn't outgrown his crib but Thanks to Obama places aren't allowed to offer the no interest for 3 years or whatever like Rooms to Go did. We went a few weekends before that stopped so she could still qualify for that. We had a hard time deciding on a bed. Dustin wanted bunk beds and that would have been ok but I wanted him to have a full size bed so he could use it for a long time. The full size bunk beds would have taken up his entire room. So finally we decided on a full size Alabama bed it has a captain's drawers and two little doors so you can store stuff under the bed without it being seen (which I love). 

Update: Here is the bed my MIL just sent me this picture.
Before it arrived we decided that we were going to paint his room because it was a sea green color and we didn't think that it would look to good with his new bed. We decided to paint it Gray with a Crimson accent wall.  Here is some pictures of the painting process.

I think it looks really good.

Landon also got this super cute chair to go with his bed.

I think he loves it. He is able to get into and out of it all by himself.


Emily said...

Augh, my eyes are bleeding! Just kidding! :)
We got Jack a captain's bed and totally love's such a space saver.

Jennie said...

I concur with Emily ... it's BLUE and ORANGE, dear ;) haha!

Where did you find that chair?

Molly said...

How cute!! Love the colors, too.

I had no idea the no interest thing was no more! We bought all our furniture that way when we got married.

Rachel McPhillips said...

Had no idea about Rooms 2 Go not doing that anymore. Sads! Anyway.. I need to know where you got that chair!!!!!


love the two colors. Its a favorite combo of mine. great job!

Annie said...

The paint looks great. Can't wait to see the bed!!

Ashley said...

EXCELLENT color choice! =)
We've been talking about making an Alabama "hang out" room!