Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Vegas Day 4!!

On Wednesday we started the day off by going to breakfast at The Grand Lux Cafe it was so yummy. Then we stopped and played our favorite slot machine "The Wizard of Oz" we were doing good and making a lot of noise so we had a crowd of people watching us. Then after we got ready, Dustin, Travis, and Me went to Lagasse Stadium it was awesome. It has over 100 tvs. We decided that we would eat there for lunch. I had wings (I had been craving some wings).

Outside Lagasse Stadium in the Palazzo

Then we went next door to The Wynn.

Inside The Wynn.

We stayed and played there for a while before going to the Fashion Show Mall.

The Fashion Show Mall.

The mall was huge. We went to Macy's so Travis could get a new watch, then we went back to the casino and played a while.

We were supposed to all be going to dinner at Delmonico Steakhouse but Dustin and Me were still so full we decided not to go but right after everyone else left I got really sick. I thought I might be getting a stomach virus but I think it was something that I had ate. I stayed in the room and watched American Idol and rested while Dustin we down and played poker. Then after everyone got back from dinner and there shows, I was feeling a little better so I went with Dustin and Travis down to the casino and we also went to Treasure Island. I never got sick again after that so I imagine it was something that I had ate.


Annie said...

oh Vegas...I just love it. Sorry that you got sick on vacation :(

kado! said...

The Fashion Show Mall is the BEST place to visit Santa...outside of Macy's in NYC! ;)