Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Over the weekend we took a trip to Biloxi. I had never been before and it was beautiful and we had a great time.

We left at about 2:00 on Friday afternoon and  after making a few stops. I had to stop at Walmart and buy all new makeup because Dustin had taken my makeup bag out of the car before we left. We finally got there about 7:45. We stayed at the IP there and it was very nice. We just stayed around there on Friday night and played in the Casino and ate.

Saturday we decided that we would just drive around and visit all the different casinos. It was so much fun we had a great day. Here are some pictures from that day.

This is the closet I got to the beach. I just looked it at out of the car widow. So sad.

It was already dinner time when we finally got back to the IP. Dustin and me went and ate at the Sports bar and then after that we played our new favorite slot machine. The Village People Party. So fun.

On Sunday before we left we went back to a few of the casinos to play our free slot play. Right before we left the last one I told Dustin that I wanted to play the Roulette table once. I just had a feeling. He got us 5 dollars in chips he only put two on my number 17 and he put 3 on this number. Well guess what number came up 17! With my two dollars I won $72..

We had a great trip but I was glad to be home. I hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend as well.


Ashley said...

We love Biloxi! :)
We are like 45 minutes from there, so we go to the casinos to eat and go to the beach alot!

Glad yall had a good time

Sarah Ann said...

That looks so fun :) I'm glad you had a great time!

Miss Anne said...

Biloxi definitely has a lovely beach!

I was there within days of the hurricane years ago... they used to have an amazing aquarium too!

Glad you had fun and congrats on your winnings!


WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

sounds like a great weekend! I haven't been in years. I grew up about two hours from Biloxi (in south Louisiana). We used to go alot in college!

kado! said...

I've never been, where is it? looks beautiful, and winning rocks too!