Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Top Two Tuesday...Favorite Things About Summer

Top Two....
Favorite Things About Summer

1. Cute Sandals: I love sandals and I would wear them all year if I could. Nothing says summer more than open toe shoes.

2. The Beach: One of my most favorite places to be. Although I prefer swimming in a pool than the ocean. I love the sand between my toes, the smell of the water, and the peaceful sounds.

Some other things that I love about summer are:

Shaved Ice
Grilling out
Fruity Drinks
The Lake
Sun Dress and
Yard Sales

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Andrea said...

I forgot to put yard sales on mine! They are the best! Hope you have a great week!~Andrea

Nocona said...

Love Sandall season. Both for me and my kids. It makes gettin all of their shoes on easier when we are not having to keep up with matching socks for three kids. Crocks and flip flops make life nice for a mom of three. I should have put that in my post. lol

Annie said...

I agree!! LOVE sandals...and they change your whole wardrobe! Its still a little chilly here in MI for open toes...but I can WAIT to bust them out!!

~~Mel~~ said...

Those are my 2 favourite things of summer also...love the beach!

Kerbi said...

i love cute sandals and sun dresses!

Fashion Meets Food said...

love this post! I can't wait for summer! Just found your blog and I am loving it! You now have a new follower!


Beth McC. said...

Love your picks ! I am considering making your beach picture my desktop background-I love the beach! Your blog is too cute!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

love those sandals! great picks!

Erin said...

What a great list! I hadn't thought about shaved ice, but that's something I love about Summer too! I like those sandals!

Molly said...

ooh, you just make me long for summer!! really cute shoes!