Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Visit To The Dentist...

Today I took Landon for his first visit to the Dentist. It is the same dentist that I went to when I was younger and so did my neice and nephew. So when it came to chosing a Dentist I knew where I was going to take Landon.

I thought he would be scared and cry but when we got back for the Dentist to look at his teeth. He did clench his teeth together but he never cried. He is becoming such a big boy. She said that everything looked great. We are doing a good job brushing every morning and right before bed, We don't drink juice or milk before bed, and we don't suck a paci or our thumb. The only concern that she had was that his teeth are somewhat close together and thats a early indication of them needing braces later on but she said that his mouth could widen and it would be just fine.

He got a new toothbrush, a fish toy, and two stickers for being so good. Overall our frist trip to the Dentist was successful.

On another note I did my weigh in last night. I was really nervous because I hadn't exercised any since last Thursday and I hadn't be sticking to my diet so well the past few days. But I hadn't lost any weight but I also didn't gain any. So I am back on my diet and trying to stick to it. 

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~~Mel~~ said...

Aw so cute! Riley loves the dentist because he knows he gets to pick a toy and a new toothbrush...they make it fun now a days...not like when we were kids!