Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Since I've Been Gone

I took a little bloggy break for a while not really because I wanted to. I have missed blogging and checking out everyone elses but I have been so busy the past couple of weeks. Work is so busy because it is summertime one of the girls that usually helps us went home for the summer so that means more work for me. I also started physical theapy for my back again last week and that takes up a lot of my free time.

I took off last friday because I had physical theapy but I never thought I was going to make it to physical theapy Friday morning because I realized at about 7:00 Thursday night I had left my directions and the phone number at work and I was the first appointment of the day. So I left home hoping I could figure out where it was (bad mistake) I got so lost. I decided that I better just go by work and get the directions. So I parked in the tunnel under my building so I could run in and get them (btw there is a $100 fine for paking in that tunnel so I was running as fast as I could) I just grabbed the directions and ran out. After I got in the car I realized that I still did not have the number. I tried to follow the directions but I got lost again. My appointment was supposed to be at 7 and it was already 7 by this time. So I go back to work but I did not want to risk parking in that tunnel again after everything else was already going bad. So I parked in the parking deck and walked over to my building, got the number and called the office to see if they even wanted me to still come in. She said it was fine to come on in so I walked back over to the parking deck and I went to pay to get out and the machine was broken. I had to go back and park again and go down to the ground level and pay. By the time I finally made it to phyiscal therapy it was 7:30.

After I left physical therapy I was going home because Dustin, Travis, and me were going to Tunica. It was pouring down raining when I left and what should have took me about 20 minutes to get home took almost a hour. At one point I guess some water had gotten into my brakes and I went to stop and the brakes would not work. I am so glad that there were no cars and the light turned green, they finally started working again thank goodness. I finally made it home and we got on the road to Tunica and everything was good. We had a great time in Tunica. We ate at the Paula Deen buffet one night and it was delicious.

I have been trying to win tickets to the Bayou Country Superfest in Baton Rouge for almost a month from a local radio station. I got a email Monday morning saying that I had won. I am so excited. I am taking my neice with me. My sister, my neice, Landon, and me are going to go down on Friday afternoon and are coming back on Sunday. The concerts are Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday we are going to get to see: Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Kellie Pickler, David Nail and Gloriana and on Sunday we will be seeing Kenny Chesney, Brooks and Dunn, Jason Aldean, Jake Owen and Justin Moore. I am so excited. Also while we are there we are going to go to New Orleans, I have never been and I am looking forward to it.

I am sorry this post was so long.


Ashley said...

What a GREAT concert!
Have fun :)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I am glad things turned around. Stopping by from Mom Loop!