Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Top Two Tuesday...Deserted Island

Top Two...
Things (people not included) I would take to a Deserted Island

1. My Cell Phone- I just recently made the switch from a blackberry to the iphone and i think I would be lost without my phone. (hopefully the island would have 3g lol.)

2. Magazines- I would bring lots of gossip and fashion magazines. I would stay busy for days.

Head on over to Taylor's blog to join in the fun.


Aly @ Analyze This said...

Ahh, magazines! I like that! I always find myself just looking at magazines...rarely reading the article!

Stopping by from Taylor's blog...I LOVE your quote under the header! :)

Candi said...

I have major mommy envy over your iphone!! I'm still doing the blackberry thing.

Lindsay said...

Stopping by from top 2 tuesday! Great choices :) Love your blog!

Kerbi said...

Great choices! I am trying to convince my hubby that I need to switch from my blackberry to an iphone.