Monday, June 28, 2010


We had a wonderful weekend but it was busy.

Friday night Dustin, Landon, and me me meet our friends Drew and Andrea (and baby Bryant who will be here next month) at Red Robin it was delicious as usual. Then we went over to there house for a bit. Drew and Dustin played play station while Andrea showed Landon and me Bryant's room. Landon had to play with all of his toys. Then we all started playing words with friends together. It was so much fun. Landon started getting sleepy at about 10 so we decided we better go home. He was asleep within five minutes.

Saturday we had sort of a lazy day. We went to Walmart and got groceries then we went to Granna's and visited with her, Randall, and Jen.

Sunday I was invited to go shopping with two of my friends whom I hadn't hung out with in close to 3 years. We went to a mall about an hour and a half from my house. We left at 11 and we didn't leave the mall until almost 6 then we decided to drive to Tennessee and get some scratch offs and lottery tickets. We didn't get back to my house until after 8. It was Randi and Nickole's first time to really see Landon. He loved them and I think they really liked him too.

After such a busy weekend I did not want to get up this morning. I had to drag myself out of bed.

We have been slowly teaching Landon to use the potty. He loves to pee pee in the potty. No number 2 yet. But Saturday morning was the first time that he came up to us and said. "I wanna potty". We usually have to ask him.  Here is a picture of him on his "Froog" potty.


Annie said...

sounds like a fun weekend!
yay for the landon starting to get potty trained!! that's exciting hun!

~~Mel~~ said...

Awww he's so cute on his little froggy potty!

Sounds like a busy but fun weekend...what is this "words with friends" you are the second blog I've read today that mentioned it!

Alicia W. said...

Look at your big boy on his potty! Gosh, I really need to catch up on your blog. I've missed so much. :(