Thursday, July 22, 2010

Landon First Zoo Trip!

Tuesday afternoon we took Landon to his first trip to the zoo! He loved it. His favorite parts were the Monkeys and the Train ride. I am sure this was just first of many zoo trips! Here is some pictures of what we saw..

Me and Landon.

Caleigh, Hannah, Landon and a Vulture.

Big Turtle


Landon watching the Kangaroos

Excited for his first train ride.

He sat real still and had this serious look the whole time.

He watched the Tiger

and he got really close to us.




Girffae and Ostrich


We had a blast and I can not wait to take him back.


flip flops and pearls said...

FUN FUN!!!! We all love the zoo. That has always been my kids most favorite outing. We are planning a trip to the B'ham Zoo in the next few weeks! {and they are 16 & 13, lol}

Annie said...

Love that pic of Landon on the train....he looks like he was taking things very seriously :)

Ashley said...

We LOVE the Birmingham Zoo! {recognized the old truck}

I can't wait to take K up their sometime soon! :)