Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Posting two days in a row, I'm on a roll. ha. Of course this post will have no pictures because my computer is broke and I can't post pictures from my iPhone (well I may be able to, I just don't know how).

Anyway, Landon went on his first (well really second but the first was only just a quick stop by and it was to cold to do anything) beach trip this past weekend. We went to Destin with my sister and Landon loved every minute of it. We left on Thursday and all week last week Landon would get so mad because each day he woke up and thought it was the day we were going to the beach. He cried when we had to tell him just a couple of more days, He would say no I want go beach right now. He loved playing in the sand with all his sand toys. He was a little afraid of the ocean at first but by Saturday afternoon he was all the way out in the middle of it with us. He also loved the kiddie pool at the condo. He called it the baby swimming pool he liked that there were lots of other kids there for him to play with.

We didn't do much of anything besides stay at the beach and the pool. We did go eat at Fudpuckers where Landon got to pet a real alligator. He kept saying I wanna pet a alligator and I thought that when we got up there he wouldn't do it but he rubbed its back and squeezed his leg and it even gave him five. I kind of felt sorry for the gator after we left. We also ate at Hammerheads it was delish and it was in the cutest little village.

I got super burnt but Landon of course got a nice tan even wearing SPF 50.

We went to the beach for just a few minutes on Sunday before we came home to take some pictures but he thought we were there to play and go swimming. He got so upset when we had to leave. He can't wait to go back again. Every night when we are getting ready for bed. He says I fun at beach. He is too funny.

Also if you didn't see the post from yesterday, Landon is in a cutest kid contest on Facebook. A lady that took our family pictures a few weeks ago is hosting it. If he wins we will win free prints (which we could really use). If you have a facebook all you have to do is go visit Jennifer Branham Photography and "like" her page. Then under her cutest kid contest photo album click on Landon's picture and leave a comment to vote you do have to leave a comment just liking it doesn't count. His picture is picture number 30. I would really appreciate it if you took the time to vote.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Cutest Kid Contest!

Sorry for my lack of blogging, less than a week after we got our computer fixed it broke again. We are about to have to break down and buy a new one. There is only so much we can do from my iPad and our iPhones. I still read all of your blogs everyday from my phone but it is so hard to post from there. I plan to be back blogging every day very soon.

Anyway Landon is in a Cutest Kid Contest on Facebook and I thought I would ask all you if you had a minute to go and vote for him. All you have to do is go and "like" Jennifer Branham Photography (she is awesome by the way) and just leave a comment under Landon's photo in her cutest kid contest album. You have to leave a comment just liking the picture does not count. I believe his picture is number 30 out of the 50. He is wearing a blue shirt and is in front of a red background. Also if you want to add me as a friend first I am under Brandi Guthrie Stanford.

Thank you all in advance!